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Gas Stations


HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, offers Commercial Building Inspections for Property Condition Assessments for gas service stations like the one shown below in Nashville, Tennessee. This gas station was inspected by Ron Rittiner, Inspector of Record, with Richard Acree assisting.

The structure consists of a 300 square foot convenience store and a multi-pump canopied gas fueling area. HABITEC limits the inspection of these facilities to exclude the actual pumps themselves and underground storage systems.

The convenience store is constructed of concrete block walls and a flat roof composed of rolled roofing material.

The canopy over the pumps is a steel framed structure with metal decorative fascia.

The Inspection was conducted during an early time of the day and on a particular day of the week so as to minimize disruption to ongoing retail operations. Although not the case for this gas station, some gas stations will require the services of a commercial electrician due to the sophisticated and complex electrical systems.

Commercial Building Inspections are available for properties including Apartments, Offices, Retail Buildings, Industrial Distribution Centers, Recording Studios, Churches, Gas Stations, Warehouses, Recreation Buildings (i.e. Neighborhood Club/Pool Houses) and more.
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