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Historic Homes

HABITEC is your choice for Inspecting HISTORIC Homes

HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC has extensive experience inspecting homes that have lots of history, specifically homes that are 200 years old or more.  Many of these homes which may be listed on the National Register of Historic Homes have unique systems and structures that require a specialized Inspector. 

This home was built in 1897.  It has original as well as recently constructed rennovations. 

One property located in Williamson County, Tennessee included a large residence built in 1808 with an additional residence building added, swimming pool, and outbuildings.

This home was originally built by Samuel Crockett on a 640 acre Revolutionary War land grant to his father Andrew Crockett. It is built of brick laid in Flemish bond. The floors are random width white ash. Built before the central hall came into vogue, each room has a staircase that goes into the room above.


In order to be eligible for the National Register, a site must be old, constructed in an outstanding architectural style, and/or be associated with a significant historic event or historic person.

HABITEC Inspects another 200 Year Old Historic Home

HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC recently completed a Residential Home Inspection on this 2200 square foot Historic Home that was built approximately 200 years ago (1812) in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Ron Rittiner, Chief Inspector and Business Manager at HABITEC, completed the Inspection and served as the Inspector of Record.

The home was retrofitted for electricity and other modern conveniences over the years.  The structure had many of the original components such as wood siding, floors and doors. 

All major systems were inspected including the roof, exterior shell, electrical, plumbing, structural components, and HVAC.  The wood framed house consisted of a stone and concrete block foundation over a crawl space.  The HVAC system consisted of a 4 ton pad mounted outside package unit.  The electrical system was a single phase system.  The main roof is a gable design with composite shingles. There was an adjoining metal covered roof serving an addition.

Residential Inspections are available for New Homes, Luxury Homes, Historic Homes, Pre-Listing for homes going on the market, Pre-Auction Homes, and a Home Inspector Review.  

Please call HABITEC at 615-376-2753 should you wish to discuss a home or commercial building inspection to meet your needs.  Thank  you!

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