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Nashville Home Inspector Expert Witness

Nashville Home Inspector Expert Witness

Individuals or companies involved in litigation need a Litigation Consultant to provide Expert Witness services as part of a lawsuit, legal settlement, arbitration, or mediation.  Richard Acree, President of HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, is experienced in these services and capable of helping individuals and companies reach successful resolution in these areas of litigation involving home and commercial building inspections. 


Expert witness and litigation consultant services provided include court representation and testimony, site visits to verify or assess conditions reported in the litigation, written documents and photographs to prove or dispute cases, documents review, and opinions of probable cost to repair or replace.  Whether you are a defendant or plaintiff, Richard can offer the services needed to reach a successful resolution.


Fees for Expert Witness and Litigation Consultant services are charged at an hourly rate plus conventional expenses for travel and related performance costs.  Normally a retainer is required which is 20% of the estimated total cost of services.  Please call 615-376-2753 for current rates.

Why use an Expert Witness or Litigation Consultant?
Litigation that is successful against you can be expensive in several ways.  Clearly a financial settlement can be costly.  Another expense will be the adjustment to your insurance should you be successfully sued in court.  Your reputation is also at stake.  If you are found negligent that information is publicly available and can damage your business going forward.  When involved in litigation, make sure you assemble the best team of professionals you can to protect you from losing a legal dispute.

What should you do if you are sued as a Home or Building Inspector?

First, do not panic.  Home  and Building Inspectors are one of the most commonly sued professions known.  Many people who try to sue Home Inspectors do not know the rules that Home Inspectors must work under and what limitations apply.  They frequently have not read or understand the contract that is signed to formalize the home inspection and they commonly have not fully read or understand the inspection report.

Second, demand the complaint or dispute be placed in writing and forwarded to you using fax or certified transfer service.  Do not react to verbal complaints. 

Third, start an accurate record of all correspondence or contacts with the plaintiff or their attorney.  Do not engage in long conversations with either.  Listen to their complaint/comments, but do not respond significantly verbally or in writing without first discussing with your insurance provider and/or attorney. 

Fourth, gather your documents and photographs so you can review the inspection and compare to the complaint.  This will also help you respond to questions from your insurance provider and/or attorney.

Fifth, contact your insurance provider.  Most home and building inspectors are obligated to notify their insurance carrier when they have been contacted regarding pending litigation that involves a home or building inspection.

What should you do if you are a home or building owner and you have a dispute with a builder or contractor?

You have a choice when you are the builder owner, contact an attorney or contact another specialist for a second opinion.  It is recommended you contact a specialist that has experience in litigation resolution so they are able to look at the situation from the perspective of a specialist and a litigation consultant. 

Similarly, look for an attorney with experience in construction litigation. Once you decide to contact an attorney, have your documentation available to include the contract you signed for the services provided, any receipts from the service provided, and a record of any communication that has taken place regarding the dispute. 

In any case, stay calm and work through the issues slowly.  Litigation does not resolve overnight.  Be prepared to spend time in these processes.

Please call us if we can be of service.  615-376-2753

Thank you! 

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