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Office Buildings


HABITEC offers Commercial Property Condition Assessments on office buildings like that pictured below near Nashville Tennessee. In the first project/photo Richard Acree was the Inspector of Record with assistance from Ron Rittiner.

This site consisted of several rows of commercial office and retail buildings with tenants that owned or rented space at the site.
The project involved a visual exterior walk-through survey of all buildings and the parking lot and grounds and an inspection of one of the units for a representative example.
The buildings were two story units that shared a common wall. The exterior shell consisted of brick veneer with a composite shingle gabled roof. The parking lot was asphalt with handicapped parking and multiple entries to the main access road.
The purpose of the Inspection was for the tenants to approach the management company with a list of repairs to make to the buildings.

In this second project/photo, this PCA was completed by Richard Acree as part of a real estate transaction. This two story office building was constructed with an EIFS exterior, flat roof, concrete slab foundation and one loading dock with a metal overhead garage door. The building was built in approximately 1998.

The parking lot was constructed of asphalt with a concrete curb and gutter system and concrete retaining walls with a metal chain link fence.

The roof is constructed of rolled roofing material and slopes to a gutter drainage system in the rear of the building.

The HVAC system consists of two roof mounted package systems powered by natural gas and 240 VAC electrical power.

The electrical system consists of a 400 AMP 3-phase system capable of supporting 400 Amps and 600 Volts.

The building is constructed of concrete block, posts and beams on the first floor. The second floor is constructed of steel posts, steel roof joists and an insulated steel roof.

The project below is a retail townhouse establishment that was part of a real estate transaction. The insection was completed to include exterior, roof, interior, electrical, HVAC, structural and plumbing systems.

The exterior consisted of EIFS and brick veneer. The roof was accessed and inspected including installation and drainage systems. This roof design was flat with a composite membrane cover and drainage to a downspout and underground extension system.

The interior and electrical systems were typical with drywall surfaces and single phase electrical service. An emergency lighting system and security system were also installed.

The HVAC consisted of a split system with electric heat pump design. The exterior component of the split system was mounted on the roof. Most structural components were not visible due to finish building materials.

HABITEC used two inspectors on this project to minimize the amount of time on site as the establishment was an on-going business. This also allowed HABITEC to produce the Property Condition Report the next day to meet the Clients time-line for the real estate transaction. On this project Richard Acree was the Inspector of Record.

Commercial Building Inspections are available for properties including Apartments, Offices, Retail Buildings, Industrial Distribution Centers, Recording Studios, Churches, Gas Stations, Warehouses, Recreation Buildings (i.e. Neighborhood Club/Pool Houses) and more.  

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