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Pre-Auction Home Inspect


A Pre-Auction Home Inspection is recommended before you make an offer on a home for sale by auction. Making an offer without knowing what condition the home is in can cause you to lose a lot of money! Be informed and protect your investment!

This Inspection is similar to the Home Inspector Review. Time permitting, the Pre-Auction Inspection is a walk-through of the home using the same methods as a Home Inspector's Review to evaluate from a Home Inspector’s perspective. With the Client present a HABITEC Inspector will visibly inspect the house in a manner consistent with the time allowed for the Inspection. A verbal report is provided to the Client as the Inspection progresses.

Frequently a house for sale by auction is offered for viewing and inspection for only a limited time on the day of the auction. This limitation makes a normal Home Inspection impossible but does usually provide enough time for a reasonable yet quick visual inspection by an experienced Home Inspector. If time constraints are in place only a representative number of some components may be inspected.

Also, in a normal real estate transaction, when an offer to buy a house is made and accepted, the buyer has a period of time to secure financing and have the home inspected. In a home for sale by auction transaction, the deal is completed on the day of the auction and the general rule is usually for sale "as is, where is". It's the "as is" part that can cost you a lot of money.

The Pre-Auction Home Inspection is not like a normal Home Inspection. There are no pictures taken and no Home Inspection Report is written. But, the cost is also a lot less than a normal Home Inspection.

Please call HABITEC at 615-376-2753 for more information about the Pre-Auction Home Inspection!

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