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Retail Services Building


HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, offers commercial building inspections for retail services buildings like the ones in the projects described below. These services consist of a Property Condition Assessment as described in ASTM Standard E 2018, modified, and Environmental Services for radon testing, mold assessment and water quality analysis.

The building shown was inspected completely to include interior, exterior, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, structural, and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliance. Environmental Services were also performed to include a radon test and mold assessment. The building housed several institutions including a men's clothing store, a labor distribution center and a church.

The exterior consisted of concrete block and brick veneer. The roof was inspected by accessing the roof and walking the roof in a systematic grid. The parking lot was inspected for condition, size and number of parking spaces, and ADA compliance.

The interior walls consisted of concrete block and traditional drywall. The interior ceilings consisted of steel, concrete or dropped ceiling tiles.

The electrical system consisted of a 3 phase system introduced to the building by exterior surface and roof mounted masts. Approximately 8 service panels distributed the electricity.

An Americans with Disabilities Act Tier II survey was completed on the exterior and interior of the building and the parking lot. Environmental Services included a radon test and a limited Mold Assessment. The mold assessment included the entire building and resulted in a limited number of samples taken and forwarded for laboratory analysis.

A written Property Condition Report was forwarded to the Client within 72 hours of the completion of the on-site inspection. The report was sent electronically and a printed and bound copy was forwarded by courier. 
Ron Rittiner was the Inspector of Record for this project. He was assisted by Richard Acree.

HABITEC Inspects Retail Services Building

HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC
, is pleased to announce the completion of a Commercial Building Property Condition Assessment of a 5000 square foot single story retail sales building! This 60 year old building has been renovated and increased in size several times since the original construction. Currently it is used as a retail sales building and office space.


Services contracted by the Client included Field Notes and Photographs, a Mold Assessment, a Radon Test, an Americans with Disabilities Act Tier II Survey, and an Executive Summary. Richard Acree was the Inspector of Record for this project.

The structure is built primarily of concrete block with brick veneer walls and wood framed flooring and roofing. The roof is constructed of composite shingle and rolled roofing material. The electrical system is a combination of 3 phase and single phase electrical service. The HVAC system is a combination of gas fired split systems and through-the-wall electric heat pumps. Plumbing is a common system of copper, galvanized, cast iron, and PVC.

Commercial Building Inspections are available for properties including Apartments, Offices, Retail Buildings, Industrial Distribution Centers, Recording Studios, Churches, Gas Stations, Warehouses, Recreation Buildings (i.e. Neighborhood Club/Pool Houses) and more.
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